Champagne and Caviar

The expression champagne and caviar is often much better known by its form uro and scato. The uro is also often associated with the term of the golden shower to the color of urine that is precisely the aspect of champagne and the shower to the fact to sprinkle the body of the submissive with my champagne. I love this practice not only by spraying my subject but also by forcing them to drink my champagne through a funnel which I have placed in the mouth. At last when I say forced its a big word because most of my slaves just enjoy this delicacy. For them it is then a form of reward on condition that they have earned it and then I can also offer my champagne in a sensual and exciting way. Because what could be more exciting than being able to stretch out his tongue and taste the champagne of his Mistress to its source as if it would guarantee to provide him with the fluid needed for survival. By way of comparison I also ask my slaves often to urinate in front of me in a glass and drink it immediately so as to taste the difference between champagne taste of his Mistress and their slave’s liquid in the knowledge that as I always drink plenty of water, mine consists essentially of water. It happens to me sometimes to increase the undergone humiliation that I ask my slaves to do it in front of other people present at that moment in my dungeon or in another party where I would be present. It is then for me a moment of big pride when my slave meets my requirements.

And then the last few years I notice also a request more and more important of people wanting to be my complete toilet, which are no longer just satisfied with my champagne but also want to taste the excrement of my body that are associated with the caviar of  the Mistress. I respond of course gladly to such a request if this is the desire of the submissive who wants to come see me either for a single session or as a training course where the submissive is actually used as my personal toilet. However, I must say that I am well aware that for quite a lot of people this remains a taboo and forbidden not to cross and that I will always consider your limits on this.