Who am I

You the visitor of this site, become conscious of the time that is given you to live and so can approach me. Become conscious that you enter the lair of a sublime Mistress, matchless and unequalled. Become conscious of your condition of submissive male, inferior being, entity of low stage.
In my veins, for so many years, flows the blood of an inborn Dominatrix, of an inaccessible strong-minded woman before which the condition of slave, for every man crossing the step, will be reveal. In my universe, you will forget the most secret impulses of your soul to sail on the wire of my deepest desires.

If this is my best wish, you will approach me in my lair which is 15 minutes away from the centre of Namur. You could there discover your most unfathomable pain, your most unfulfilled desires. If this is your destiny, you will come out grown.
I will be your drug, your quarter of delights and the release of your soul.

Approach and look … Here, you have still the possibility for it, watch and benefit so long as you are free of it. Become acquainted of my greatness, of my beauty, of my youth, of the softness of my amber skin, of my bewitched curves.Imagine yourself in my presence, with bowed spine, the look evasive and staring the ground …

Imagine yourself for a moment on the threshold of my door, gasping, the finger trembling and hesitating on the doorbell.
If such is my will, the door will open and you will feel my breath ;
Your condition of slave, you will perceive ;
Your superb you will give up ;
Your honour will leave you ;
Your pride, you will neglect ;

And your sorrow, you will confess ;
Your contrition, to you will be reveal ;
Your submission will appear to you ;
Your punishment, you will undergo ;
Your sins, you will expiate ;

In my lair, words, you will not say ;
Look down, you will oblige you ;
To not be able to contemplate me, you will suffer ;
To not be able to touch me, pain you will endure ;

When my breath will come over you ;
From suffering, you will intoxicate you ;
When the leather strap will punish you ;
Forgiveness you will ask ;

When limit of your suffering, you will reach ;
Again and again, you will groan ;
When my pleasure, you will exacerbate ;
More and more, you will regret ;

If you wish an appointment to come suffer my law call me or send me a MAIL