Renting out my slave coco

Renting out my slave coco

I now offer the possibility to rent my slave coco to experienced or beginners Mistresses and any dominant woman who wants to try the experience of domination.


He could be your laboratory rabbit for a novice or inexperienced mistress or could be your pain slave for advanced Mistresses missing a submissive or slave or if you want someone else for other types of games. Indeed, the possible practices with him are many and varied ranging from soft to hard according to your tastes and your desires.  He is a masochistic submissive from 60 years with an experience of over 30 years and under my command for 15 years.


He is not bisexual and his limits are scat and sexual touching with other slaves. Also no special attraction for cross-dressing.


For the rest I’m sure my slave coco will satisfy all your SM desires according to your requirement either privately at home, in my dungeon or any other dungeon of your choice or with other slaves during an SM evening.


Available in the evening from 18 pm or during the weekend for a minimum of 2 hours.


Contact for booking or other information: by email   but preferably by phone  +32 497860235 from Monday to Friday between 14 pm and 20 pm.