My practices are multiple and varied, so you can consult a descriptive of each of them with personal pictures on my site.
Depending on your availability and wishes, it’s possible for you to benefit from different types of sessions as describe below.Classic session
– A session of 1 hour
– A session of 2 hours
– A session of 3 hours
– A session of 4 hours
– A session of 6 hours
Conditions only on demand HERE

Session with me and one of my lady friend’s dominatrix:
– A session of 1 hour
– A session of 2 hours
– A session of 3 hours
– A session of 4 hours
– A session of 6 hours
e.g.: You can take a session of 3 hours with me but only one hour with an extra dominatrix
Conditions only on demand HERE

SM sessions and trainings

Session with the presence of one of my female subs:
Only on demand and I only decide if you are worthy of it or not.
Conditions only on demand HERE

Classic session + confinement :
Following on many requests of my subs to extend or to include in my sessions moments more or less long of confinement, I have decided to offer this kind of sessions.
Obligation is to take a minimum of 1 hour of a classic session.
Than the number of hours of confinement that you want to add in addition to the classic session.
So you can undergo a session of classic domination of 1 hour and combine this with 3 hours of confinement spread according to my choice and your possible supplications.
Conditions only on demand HERE

Collective session (special afternoon)
You are dominated with other male and female slaves by me and other lady friend’s dominatrix. Duration: 4 to 5 hours.
Conditions only on demand HERE

Training course toilet slave: (champagne)
You come to serve as a toilet for my personal champagne and possibly for others present dominatrix.
Duration: 4 hours with periods of confinement.
Conditions only on demand HERE

Training course toilet slave: (caviar)
You come tasting the personal caviar of your Mistress directly at the source.
PS: reservation required the day before.
Conditions only on demand HERE

Training course special sequestration:
You are in a cell 3m on 2m as a prisoner.
Duration: 4 hours to several days.
Conditions only on demand HERE

Training course privilege:
You are my personal sub at a private or public SM party.
No exact duration.
For this kind of training course conditions differ on the type of party, location, country, etc …
Conditions only on demand HERE

Training course for long periods:
The training courses below include one or more nights.
Training course of 12 hours =
Training course of 24 hours =
Period of 24 hours additional
Conditions only on demand HERE

On the agenda
– Several hours are provided in my dungeon to remind you with who you are.
– If a party is planned, to accompany me as one of my appointed slaves.
– Prepare food.
– Wash the dishes.
– Cleaning my estate.
– Cleaning my dungeon.
– To fully serve me.
– Live special moments with your MISTRESS.
– To help me in my sessions when I receive my male or female subs.
– Serve the guests at my receptions on and under the table.
– Serve tea when I receive my lady friends (Dominatrix).
– To serve me as a driver during my trips.
– To accompany me during my shopping trips.

To have the privilege to obtain one of these training courses, you have to send me a descriptive mail of you, with your limits, your experience and what you would like to endure during this training course. This is to allow me to perfectly know you and so better prepare this special moment between you and me.
Please submit your request no later than one month in advance. If you want an appointment, a contact by mail HERE is preferable.