In my dungeon a space is completely reserved at this practice. I actually have quite a collection of clothing and women’s underwear and a large number of shoes and boots from different sizes and a full range of wigs and other makeup accessories. All this allows me to meet some demand for my clients and to transform them into the most beautiful women if they so desire or not. Because exactly I need to distinguish between two types of feminization, the one which is desired and requested, and the one that just is not requested but that happens because I have decided or which is a form of feminization punishment to put a disobedient submissive back to its real place under my domination. It is often within this framework that I happen to have sacred laughter when I see the end result after I have turned for example my slave of the day in a nasty bitch just good to do the sidewalk or in a disobedient schoolgirl waiting for her spanking she deserved or maid servant, who will then be forced to clean my whole dungeon.
How also do not have to giggle when you see the difficulty, he or should I say she has to walk the first time with high heels or stilettos and has the greatest difficulty to keep the balance without falling over. Yet in the number, sometimes I also find that there are natural talents who never had imagine to be in this role but then have liked it so much that they make themselves the request afterward during new sessions. I have a lot of fun to turn a macho man into a beautiful woman and then continue a session of traditional domination because I have found out that a feminized subject is often much more docile seen the humiliation he is forced to suffer and that he is then much more submissive and slutty. He will also more easily tend to go much further in its submission. It is then all profit for me to be able to take him towards new horizons.