I have over time discovered a real passion for all things related to medical games and more particularly for the hardest of them as there are of course many possible practices from softer to harder. Following to your level of resistance, I will make you discover them according to my moods. For the softer of yours, this could be for example a enema, a gynaecological exam, a intimate shaving or the use of a speculum or … But as I said my preferences goes above all to the more harder practices, that I unfortunately can allow myself only with my most hardest and toughest subs, these practices includes notably needles play and sewing.

It’s a pleasure each time renewed to be able to plant the needles where it seems good to me on the body of my subs and mainly through their nipples or penis all of course under conditions of maximum hygiene with single-use needles sold in pharmacies. The feeling sensations are extremely strong for both you and me.

My passion for sewing is more recent but I have each time a huge pleasure for example to cover the penis of my sub with the skin of his testicles and as a result if the seam is successful to not have anymore a male sub at my disposal but well a female sub because his sex appear more like that of a female. What is even more enjoyment for me is when I can combine both practices sewing on sex and decorate it with needles in nipples and why not add some more clamps, use some string or ribbon to decorate the body and end it with a little session of electricity. In short according to my inspiration of the day, I could easily take you where I want to the nirvana of pleasure and extreme enjoyment. So come meet me in my medical room, let you go in the stirrups and I take care of the rest. You will not be disappointed with the journey into this medical environment.