Nipple torture

This is perhaps one of the most common practices in BDSM but it still always gives me great pleasure when I’m doing it. I can indeed begin slowly teasing the breasts with my fingers and then increase gradually the pressure exerted on the breasts by squeezing more and stronger while seeing then the subject face grinning more and more when pain is felt. At that stage all that remains still quite soft. But as soon as the breasts of my submissive are more sensitive then I can continue with other types of games. I have at my disposal a wide range of clips some more cruel than others, ranging from simple clothespin up alligator clips with sharp teeth through surgical clips. With these clips I can also still associate a set of weights that stretch even the breasts of my prey.Actually nipple torture regularly allows me to let come to the surface some small sadistic sides of my personality, always taking into account the resistance threshold of the submissive that I have in front of me.

For the toughest among them I can also use needles that pierce their tits and will increase the sensitivity of them. The candle can also be used to warm the nipples under running drops of wax and to cool them down I can then make use of ice cubes. And then if they need to be warm up again I can also use my range of whips and other riding crops.

In short, many opportunities are open to me to torture to the best possible the nipples of my slaves. When they are at my mercy and they are constrained or not by ties or tied in different ways or suspended in the air, one way or another I always have direct access to their nipples and I can give free rein to my desires of the moment and I do not deprive it.