I use generally the spanking to warm the buttocks of my submissive before passing to stronger floggings and whippings with my various implements such as whips, straps or crops. I give this spanking often with bare hands or using a hairbrush or a carpet beater also very effective to heat the bottom of my submissives, or a belt.
It’s nice to see redden the skin of it to the rhythm of my slaps administered on the buttocks with these used toys that can be found in any household. For my softly customers, it’s a practice which ultimately leaves little trace. For others it is sometimes simply a warming-up which I want before going into high gear and pains and more intense practices. Spanking becomes then rather a flogging with my various implements such as whips, floggers, riding crops and other canes that can possibly and with the consent of the submissive left traces much more consequent which could remained visible for several days after the session.
Not to mention that spanking can also be fully integrated into a role play which is often ask such as the School Mistress and the poor students of class a little bit like in the English tradition.